What is the Google Maps Business View Virtual Tour?   What is the Benefit  for Your Business?   What Does a Typical
Photoshoot Entail?
Google Maps Business View was started in January 2012. Using the proven and established Street View Technology, Google Maps Business View provides a 360, Interactive, Panoramic Virtual Tour of your business.

It  can be viewed by customers searching your business from Google Maps and Google Places.

There will also be a series of still photographs detailing your business which will also be included.

The benefit for you is that potential customers have the ability to walk around, explore, and interact with your business like never before. The Virtual Tour and Interior Photographs are a great way to draw potential customers to your business by allowing them to become familiar with its appearance and location.

The more information you can provide your customers through the internet, the more likely they will choose your business over your competition. In addition, both the Virtual Tour and Still Photographs can be added to your own website.

The photography session will be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you and your business. A typical session will take between 1-2 hours and there is a one-time only fee for the photography.

I like to work with each business owner to walk-through what will be included in the Virtual Tour and Still Photographs.

For more detailed information:
See How A Google Tour is Done


What I Will Provide for You
Virtual Tour Photography

After taking all the panoramas for the Virtual Tour, I do all the publishing on Google of the tour as well as uploading the still photographs.

  Series of Still Photographs

I typically take a series10-15 still photographs of your business. These will be provided for you to use on your website or in any advertising.

  Code for Your Website

I will also send you the HTML Code so the Tour can be inserted directly on your website. You can then include it on your Contact or About Us Pages



Why Select Bob for Your Google Maps Business View

With the other photographers to choose from, see why you should Select Bob.

You can read about my history as one of the original 35 Google Trusted Photographers and why Experience Matters

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